Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ryan Practicing Amazing Grace

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Man Truly Fulfilled

Last night Kevin and I attended the jubilee banquet honoring Rev. Fr. Vertanes Kalayjian.  Fr. Kalayjian was the pastor of St. Mary Armenian Apostolic Church for over 30 years.  His biography is remarkable and I would like to share that perhaps in another post.  But at the moment, I really want to share how our lives touched each other.

We met Der Kalayjian in 2006, when we approached him about helping us with our adoption.  One of the requirements of our dossier was a letter from an Armenian Apostolic priest affirming that the adoptive couple (or at least one of the prospective parents) is indeed an Armenian in good standing.  Der Kalayjian helped us with our request and we were very grateful to him.

Fast Forward to 2010.  Kevin is at a job recruiting event for Booz Allen, interviewing prospective employees. A gentleman sits down with him, and Kevin noticed his name tag had an Armenian name.  Kevin told him our story of adopting Annalea and asked if he knew Der Hye.  The gentleman whose name is Zaven, chuckled and said, "I sure do.  He is my father."  Zaven is an accomplished guy (PhD in electrical engineering from Johns Hopkins), which doesn't surprise me considering who his dad is.  After about an hour or two of interviewing, Zaven left that event as a newly hired employee of Booz Allen.

Last night we had the honor to sit at one of the head tables with Der Kalayjian's brothers and sisters, who are just as impressive as their brother.  We were not expecting this at all and to be honest we didn't even think we would get a seat based on what we had heard about the event being completely booked.  But Fr. Kalayjian really wanted to show his appreciation to us, and we were truly honored.

Toward the end of the program Archbishop Barsamian gave his remarks.  He spoke about a study that was done in Chicago about what careers were the most fulfilling, and we learned 85% of those who were most fulfilled were in clergy work.  But Archbishop Barsamian remarked that you don't need a study to find this out.  Just look in the eyes of Fr. Kalayjian and you can see the joy just shining through them.  And that is so true.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Thomas choo choo!