Friday, March 30, 2012

Trip to Aspen

Our annual trip to Aspen Snowmass was a success despite the lack of snow this year. Snow was a bit slushy on the bottom of the mountain, but you could rely on some fabulous skiing at the top in places like Big Burn and at the top of Elk Camp Lift.

Annalea had her first lessons this year and loves it!! Ryan also went to ski school, and is now skiing on blue (intermediate) trails!! I skied with my friend Nancy, also an adoptive mom of an Armenian born sweetie. Here are some pics and videos for your enjoyment!!

At the Airport eating potato chips -- "I'm a duck!"

Nancy and me getting ready to ski down Big Burn.

Annalea her second day at ski school.

Sunrise from our balcony.

Night out in Aspen.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Wheels of Justice Move Slowly, but Justice Will Be Done

Finally, Vanessa Kachadurian, the infamous cyber stalker who harassed my adoption agency and many people in the adoption process (including me), will see her day in court.  You may recall a recent post about the lawsuit that was won by Hopscotch Adoptions.  Shortly after, Vanessa was exposed by another party for cyber stalking.

Today, Vanessa will be standing in front of a judge for threatening the life of Bennet Kelley, the attorney who represented Hopscotch.  In another interesting twist, it turns out that there is yet another charge against Ms. Kachadurian for assault.  You can read all about this in this recent blog post.  I must admit that the following quote from Bennet's blog post was music to my ears, "Moreover, Kachadurian was clearly displeased with the settlement to the point that she attacked Plaintiff, co-counsel and myself once we got outside the office building.  It seemed almost poetic that the case ended with Kachadurian spending the night in jail."

 Normally, I would feel sorry for someone who obviously must have some sort of mental illness.  But as a victim of this horrible person, I feel inclined to revel in her destruction, and hope that this will finally teach her a lesson.

As Vanessa's self destruction progresses, I will keep you posted.