Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Heart Warming Note from Annalea's Preschool Teacher

To put it mildly, this really made my day:

Hi Sonia,

I do not even know where to begin in thanking you for everything you have done for me. The obvious first, Annalea. I love speaking, as well as writing and have never been at such a loss for words. She is genuinely the kindest, most thoughtful, happiest and most loving child I have ever known. That is a difficult thing to say when you work with so many wonderful children, but Annalea truly is something beyond special.

Annalea showered me with love and "gifts" from the moment she heard that I was getting married. That alone has been more than any child or family could have given me. Her gift bags filled with crafts and cards will be saved forever. When Scott told me you had made a donation on our Honeyfund account; I literally cried. You had already given me the gift of teaching Annalea and with this honorable responsibility, I received the gift of more joyful experiences and interactions than any teacher could ever hope for.

I have the highest feelings towards you and Kevin as parents. I don't know what you do exactly at home, but whatever it is.... wow. Please keep doing whatever it is that you do. You both will forever be superhero parents in our book. I only wish we crossed paths earlier and I was able to teach Ryan and witness Annalea stealing your family's hearts.

Scott and I plan to adopt many children. Although, we also spoke of this plan, your family's story has made it more real and has meant more to us than you will ever know. Every single day I get with Annalea this summer brings more happiness to my heart than I could ever describe. We have a new student in the group this week that is having a very hard time adjusting. I'm sure you've heard about him. On Monday, she came up to me and said, "Even though he isn't very nice to us; I'm going to play with him. I sort of think he needs a friend". They spent their recess together and I kept my ears wide open... She spoke up when he said something impolite, warned him about bad choices, and actually has guided him into having a great couple of days.

We spoke a long time today and I asked her if she remembered when she didn't like cleaning up at clean up time in the beginning of the school year. She looked at me like I had moose antlers!! She is such a superstar, Sonia, she can't even recall the day she had a hard time listening to teachers.

I can only hope that we end up with a child half as joyful as Annalea. Please know that we are always here for your family... if you need an overnight babysitter, if you have an emergency... tutoring... really anything. I am here for the Vigilantes!

I will send your family a formal thank you note in the mail after we get our wedding pictures back, but I had to thank you prior. Please send Christmas cards every year. I could never forget Annalea. I am only sorry it has to end here.

Thank you for everything your family has taught me this year. Thank you for enrolling Annalea at PGDS. Thank you for celebrating my marriage with me and Scott. Thank you for everything you and Kevin do as parents to make my experience as a teacher so wonderful.

Thank you, Sonia. I have heard that being a parent can feel like a thankless job. I am telling you from the bottom of my heart; thank you. Your impact on your children have already influenced our society in the most positive way.... we aspire to this!!!


Sarah & Scott